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One Great Club That Checks Off So Many of Your Needs!

There are systems locking into place that are incrementally removing our freedoms, our access, and our ability to take care of our families. From inflation to supply chain issues, and digital IDs on the horizon, the globalists are working very hard to wear people down while developing obedience programs for all. But we don't have to comply, accept it, or even live within their system. There are better ways forward.

There are already systems in place that do not have authoritarian oversight, and people are building more systems with each month that passes. Why would we want to live in a totalitarian system when we can be self sufficient, rely on each other instead of the overlords, and live a life that may require a lifestyle adjustment, but one that brings happiness, community, and abundance.

Each system is like a building block to a better lifestyle. For example, thousands of people are beginning to homestead, grow their own food, and trade with others in their community. This brings food security. Others are getting to know all of their neighbors, discussing everyone's trade skills and how they can help one another. Many are digging wells, setting up alternative power sources to unplug from the control grid, and getting rid of their TVs and smartphones. A lot of people have switched over to using cash on a consistent basis, and stopped using digital wallets and debit cards. Millions of children are being homeschooled so that they are not subjected to the indoctrination. Each of these systems and lifestyle changes bring you closer to the freedom we once knew and the freedom we deserve.

But what about all of the other products you need? What happens when they roll out mandatory digital IDs and don’t allow access to places, or if they pull another stunt such as lockdowns? And what about the products that are lining the shelves with all of the toxins they pump into them, being imported from God’s knows what source in what country? Or, how about when they only offer synthetic lab-grown meat or GMO veggie patties? This is one more key system, and minor shift that needs to happen to ensure your family not only has access to important products and meat, but ones that are non-toxic, made in the USA by a trusted source, and delivered right to your door.

But it’s so much more than that. This is a resource that can be shared with others within the community and in other communities. It is a movement to support each other instead of the globalists who want to control you. And, there are financial benefits and savings as well.

This is a movement to support each other instead of the globalists who want to control you. And, there are financial benefits and savings as well.

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